• Idea

    The idea

    • This platform aims to create a place in the internet where bughunters can share their experiences with programs and writeups with the whole security community.
    • The main goal is to collect all publicly disclosed writeups in one place. No need to search the whole internet for disclosed vulnerabilities for the program you want to participate.
    • Public reviews and ratings about security programs will faciliate the decision whether the program is worth your time or not.

  • Desk

    Show off your skills

    • All programs on the list can be added to your personal Hall of Fame.
    • Build your reputation within the security community by adding Hall of Fame entries, writing reviews and writeups.
    • We give you the possibility to link to your writeups for a specific program. If all bughunters do that, the sec community will have a nice overview of discovered vulnerabilities.

  • Desktop

    Share your experiences

    • Reviews allow you to rate a program with up to 5 stars and to write a small comment about how a program handles vulnerability submissions.
    • Give fellow bughunters a reason to or not to participate in a program.